About us:

We all strive to learn and know. Throughout history people wanted to know as much as they can (“Know thyself” says Socrates, while “knowledge itself is power” is advised by Sir Francis Bacon )
knowledge allows oneself better understanding of ways to resolve his problems, achieve his ambitions and goals in life.

This is the goal we set for this site “accident”
We want to help victims of traffic accidents ,employment and medical malpractice related cases in Israel, during their most vulnerable time .

The site contains elaborate legal information, 101 for victims of traffic accidents, Q&A’s, Forums , articles and legal proceedings  All aiming to help the victim cross the difficult physical and emotional time, and successfully complete the bureaucratic process involved .
The information is categorized by type of incident. With a click of a mouse you will get all required information to maximize your compensation

At the top most left side you can find a free search engine, it will help you get the information quickly.

At the bottom right, you will find links to other related sites, like social security site, the handicap organization etc.

At the right hand side of the web, you will find contact details for getting farther legal consulting, we would very much like to help you during your stay at the site with any relevant question and encourage you to use the vast knowledge contained in this site to your benefit.



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